Testimonials: Stories by our Clients

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The Birth of Malaya

My daughter loves hearing about how she was born. I tell her about  her beginning as a tiny baby the size of a pea growing inside my belly. I  tell her about how happy I was when she grew big in my belly and I felt  her kicking against me. I tell her about the dream I had of her being  held by a larger-than-life statue of the Madonna whose face looked like  Freddie Mercury. I tell her that dream meant she had the gift of music. (more…)

It’s a girl! My beautiful baby girl!!!

October 31 at 9 a.m. my water broke. My midwife, Kristen, came about an hour later to check on me. She suggested going on our daily walk, to help the baby descend lower and bring on the contractions.

So hubby and I went to take a walk, which was the longest walk we’ve ever taken, because I was going so slow. Passing trick-or-treaters on our walk, we rescued a stray dog who almost got run over by a car. Jay whistled to the dog to keep it off the road, until the dog found his way home. We also ate some Mexican food and bought Knudsen’s Recharge, an energy drink that has real fruit juice instead of sugar, for the labor we were anticipating. At the grocery store the cashier asked when I was due, and nearly flipped out when I answered, “Tonight.” (more…)

First days of Postpartum…

by Wendy, mother of Corvis

smiling babyI remember how painful nursing was that first day. My midwife, Kristen came in the next morning and schooled me in how to get a proper nursing latch. After that, nursing was much more pleasant, though my nipples or breasts still pretty much always ache at least slightly. After we had moved from the birthing room to the bedroom that first day, she had shown me how to do it correctly, along with a lot of other information, but I still couldn’t tell if I was doing it right. I remember watching dumbly as she measured and weighed Corvis at the foot of the bed, trying not to let exhaustion overcome me, then trying hard to pay attention to her list of things to know, as Gene had already passed out. (more…)